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Organizing Test Tubes
Organizing Test Tubes

Pre-Hire Agency

One-Stop Lab and Testing



Impeccable Pre-Hire Agency

is a  lab that provides a variety of drug and alcohol testing services to both public and private clientele.

 Our certified breath alcohol technicians and DOT-qualified specimen collectors handle all testing with the utmost discretion and security, regardless of whether it is required by the Department of Transportation or not.  We also conduct DNA paternity testing, COVID-19 screenings, and Gender Reveal in addition to substance and alcohol collections.  We take pride in the fact that every one of our services guarantees efficient, competitively priced, and assured outcomes. Our mission at I.P.A. is to uplift and inspire every individual to reach their fullest potential. 

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A Drug & Breath Alcohol Service

Drug & Breath Alcohol Lab Testing is available.


5 Panel DOT Drug Testing and Non-DOT Urinalysis Drug Tests are available. Using our cutting-edge testing method, we also offer 10- and 12-panel Instant Urine Screens.


  • Pre-Employment

  • Resuming Duties

  • Rehabilitation/Probation

  • The Court mandated

  • School Driver's Permit (DMV)

  • Personal Knowledge

  • Reasonable Suspicion/Cause 

  • Onsite testing is accessible 


Impeccable Pre-Hire Agency  is the best Covid-19-diagnostic-tests center in Mississippi. 

Get Tested for 


  • Rapid Antigen PCR 

  • RT-PCR 



Please check with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the most current guidelines on confinement and isolation. Containment and Isolation for COVID-19: CDC.

Third-Party Consortium Administrators

Impeccable Pre-Hire Agency has be selected in the FMCSA Clearinghouse As your C/TPA, our services include:


  • Clearing house Administration

  • Management of the Random Pool: MVR/Background Checks

  • Support for DOT Audits and Driver Qualification.



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DNA Paternity Tests

Impeccable Pre-Hire Agency offers reliable legal DNA Lab Testing and non-invasive prenatal paternity test.


Prenatal paternity testing is done by qualified and experienced professionals so that you can have a definitive answer in a short span of time. The results are 99% accurate as well as legally conclusive so it will hold up in a court of law. It is recommended that prenatal paternity testing be done as early as possible in the pregnancy.


At our lab we also offer Gender Reveal Test.


We are closer to you than you think, Click the link below to schedule an appointment. 


We provide mobile phlebotomy services nationwide to patients within the comfort of their homes, offices, or health clinics. We are partnered with several specialty labs, research groups, and clinical trials teams.

Additional Testing Services

  • Oral Saliva Drug Screening

  • National Background Checks

  • Hair Follicle Testing

  • Rapid Urine Drug Screen

  • I-9 Employment Verification 

  • Notary Public on Duty

  • Legal forms

  • Virtual Mailbox

  • Advance care/ Will

  • Lab Work and EKG Services 


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At Impeccable Pre-Hire Agency

We are the best when it comes providing on-site services for post-accident, random, and reasonable suspicion testing, wellness, and lab testing.

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4010 O'Ferral St.
209 Hattiesburg, MS 39402


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