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I.P.A. builds personal success for all.

I.P.A. of Marrow, Georgia is of belief that everyone should have the option to work toward a vocation that gives them a sense that their work is contributing to something larger than themselves.

Consequently, our primary objective here at I.P.A. is to encourage the flourishing of each and every person as an independent achiever. We put in a lot of effort to make sure that everyone, regardless of their level of experience or credentials, has access to the opportunities and tools they need to find meaning and worth in the job that they are doing. This is something that we want everyone to be able to accomplish.

Because improving the compatibility between individuals and their chosen careers is good for society as a whole, we should strive to do so.

Before hiring that new employee, your small business should follow these seven steps.

Foreseeing the need to hire personnel when a small business is first established might be challenging.​

Knowing what must be done to hire a new employee is crucial. When that time arrives, several steps must be taken into account before agreeing to a work contract.​Hiring someone is a significant decision that demands serious thought.​The following are actions a hiring manager should take into account.

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