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A motor vehicle background report checks the job applicant’s driving history and criminal history during the hiring process, including traffic violations, suspensions, revocations, license type granted, and user restrictions. These background checks are highly recommended for all employees or job candidates driving vehicles or operating equipment in the job applicant's duties.


In some states, criminal convictions for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not on criminal records and can only be revealed through a motor vehicle record or DMV check.


We will obtain the following information for your background screening:

  • Full Name

  • Current Address

  • Date of Birth

  • Driver’s License Issue Date

  • Driver’s License Expiration Date

  • Class (Operator, CDL, etc.)

  • Status (Valid, Suspended, Expired, etc.)

  • Restrictions

  • Endorsements

  • Accidents

  • Suspensions

  • Revocations

  • Violations

  • Points


Common Violations

  • Driver Unlicensed

  • DUI

  • DWLS/R (Driving while License Suspended/Revoked)

  • Failed to Signal Lane Change

  • Failure to Carry Proof of Insurance

  • Failure to Yield

  • Improper Equipment

  • No Valid Driver’s License

  • OP MV – Operate Mobile Phones in Motor Vehicle

  • Passed Red Light

  • Reckless Driving

  • Seatbelt

  • Speed

  • Stop Signs

  • Traffic Control Device/Signs

  • Vehicle Stop at Limit Line

  • Window Tint


Common Endorsements

  • Combined Hazmat/Tank

  • Double/Triple Trailers

  • Farm Equipment

  • For Hire

  • Hazmat

  • Motorcycle

  • Passenger

  • School Bus

  • Tank Vehicle

  • Transport Liquids or Gasses in Cargo Tanks


Common Restrictions

  • Cannot Drive Class A Buses

  • Cannot Drive Class A or B Buses

  • Corrective Lenses

  • Daylight Driving Only

  • Interlock

  • No Air Brakes

  • Other (Customized Text Including, Alcohol, Interlock, Etc.)

  • Outside Mirrors


Terms to Know

CDL-A:   A commercial driver’s license which authorizes the use of any combination of vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 26,001 pounds and can tow more than 10,000 pounds.

CDL-B:   A commercial driver’s license which authorizes the use of any combination of vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 26,001 pounds but cannot tow a vehicle over 10,000 pounds.

CDL-C:   A commercial driver’s license which authorizes the use of a single or combination of vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 26,001 or more pounds but does not meet the definition of the Class A or Class B but is allowed to transport more than 16 passengers or transports hazardous materials.

Chauffeur:   A class of license that authorizes the driver to transport passengers for a fee.

Class E:   A non-commercial driver’s license which authorizes the driver to operate taxis or livery vehicles.

Endorsement: The authorization to perform a specific vehicle type other than a primary operator, which requires additional testing.

Restriction: The mandate that the driver must comply with specific limitations while driving.



Why conduct a driving record check?

It might seem obvious to conduct a driving record check for a candidate driving a company vehicle or driving their own car on company time. Still, a driving record can also provide great insight into a candidate's character.

You could learn about a candidate, such as drug and alcohol usage. Dangerous driving habits and general irresponsibility.  Driving records generally show the employer the license's validity, violations, suspensions, accidents, and other information.


Will the Motor Vehicle Report distinguish between a driver’s license, a temporary permit, and an identification card?

Absolutely. The Crimcheck Motor Vehicle Report will specify whether a license is valid, suspended, or expired and will identify whether it is a temporary permit or an identification card only.


Will DUIs appear on the Motor Vehicle Report or as a criminal record?

A DUI will always appear criminal if it falls in a searched jurisdiction. It will most likely show up on the Motor Vehicle Report as well, as long as it has been reported to the Department of Motor Vehicles.


Can you run different licenses from 2 states?

Yes. You would need to provide the second driver’s license number and state, and Crimcheck can do the rest!

Reach out to us to see what options suit your needs, and get a free quote today.

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